What disposable camera does Gigi use?

While phones have definitely made the picture taking journey super easy, disposable cameras are becoming the new trendy accessories. If you want to know what disposable camera does Gigi use, look no more. 

Why disposable cameras trend has arose all of a sudden, you may wonder. It is because disposable cameras are absolutely fuss free to carry and are always ready to capture the special moments that you can relive easily while clearing it through a film after.

What disposable camera does Gigi use?

Now you must be wondering about what disposable camera does Gigi use? Gigi uses a 35 mm Single Use camera by company Kodak which comes with a super funky look and is easy to carry. It’s nothing too expensive or unaffordable, as Gigi Hadid uses a camera that will only cost you 9.99 USD maximum and not your arms or legs.

The disposable camera usage may seem like old fashioned to you, this is not the case with Gigi Hadid. Even this top international model is getting her hands on the disposable camera and is using it as a new going out essential.

Not only has Gigi Hadid been seen taking her disposable camera to some prominent events like Met Gala, but now she has started her own Instagram page where she posts pictures taken of disposable camera. All this has definitely added to the popularity of the disposable cameras trend.

Gigi using Disposable Camera


Now that you have known “what disposable camera does Gigi use”, let’s now get to know more about her second Instagram page. Back in June 2019, Gigi Hadid started her second Instagram account that is all about pictures taken from her disposable camera. The Instagram page is called Gisposable and showcases all the pictures that Gigi Hadid herself takes using her disposable camera.

Her Gisposable page has taken the disposable camera trends to the whole new level. This is like her side project where Gigi Hadid takes random shots of her friends, family and other related stuff through her disposable camera and posts it on her page.

Not only this, the snaps she takes also include behind the scene pictures fashion weeks, her private vacations, the industry parties, and much more to keep the audiences informed and entertained throughout.

Pictures from Gisposable

Her page Gisposable now has around 462000 followers with just 74 posts that she has made. Gigi Hadid’s bio on this page mentions “film by me” which clearly indicates how she has been using disposable camera as her necessary accessory in all of the major events she attends.

Disposable Camera Trends:

 Now that you know what disposable camera does Gigi use and much about her page Gisposable, you must be wondering why Disposable Camera Trends are in all of a sudden? Well, this question is justified as the phones have made picture taking experience super easy and convenient.

However, with Instagram getting all the hype as one of the best social apps used these days, the term “Finsta” must be known by you. If not, Finsta is basically referred to as Fake Instagram. But in recent times, the Finsta is not the same anymore as it has finally converted to “Film Instagram” because people are going extra miles to buy disposable cameras to give that real and nostalgic look to their pictures.

Why, you may wonder. Because the celebrities like Gigi Hadid are now involved in taking pictures from their disposable cameras, scan them and then post on their accounts. This trend has taken much attention and added to the popularity of disposable cameras.

 Now, you will find many people having separate Film Instagram accounts to post the pictures they have taken from their disposable cameras and adding their name in the ongoing disposable camera trends.

What Disposable Camera Does Gigi use – Conclusion:

Disposable cameras are getting all the hypes in recent times because of the nostalgic feels they give and the grainy effect that is not much possible using filters only. However, famous celebrities like the well-known international model Gigi Hadid has also started using disposable camera since 2019.

She took this experience to a whole new level by making an Instagram account named Gisposable which contains all the pictures she herself takes using her disposable camera. What disposable camera does Gigi use, if this is what you’re wondering, she just uses a simple disposable camera which may cost you around 9.99 USD if you ever decide to buy it. 

Being a celebrity, she has not invested in an expensive brand and is running her page using a disposable camera that everyone else can get their hands on. Her Instagram page is gaining followers day by day because of all the behind the scenes from major events she keeps updating her fans with.  

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