what disposable camera does David Dobrik use

What Disposable Camera Does David Dobrik Use?

David Dobrik is a digital star and YouTube creator who became popular for creating a digital disposable camera app. Interestingly, the app gained attention and has over one million downloads in less than a month. And if you have seen any of the pictures David Dobrik took with disposable cameras, you will certainly ask the question – “what disposable camera does David Dobrik use”?

Before creating the disposable camera app, he launched a secondary Instagram account @daviddisposable in June 2019. And he uses the account to share breathtaking photos of his friends taken with disposable cameras. Surprisingly, the account got over 3 million followers within the first six months. 

Perhaps, he got the inspiration for his disposable camera app (David Dobrik Dispo) from his secondary Instagram account. David Dobrik Dispo is an Apple IOS only mobile app. He created the app to give users a similar experience of using a disposable camera. 

However, mobile apps have all the features and functionality of disposable cameras, including photo taking and photo printing. Nevertheless, you can take pictures with the app, but it will become viewable by 9 am the next day when you do. You can also print the photos from the app, but it will cost you $1. 

Although David’s Disposable is a relatively new app, it has become very popular within a year. The nostalgic feelings the app gives to users may be the reason for its popularity. 

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What Disposable Camera Does David Dobrik Use for His Instagram Photos

Whenever people see David Dobrik disposable camera pictures, they always ask, “what disposable camera does David Dobrik use”? And if you are amongst those asking this question, you will answer in the next paragraph. 

David Dobrik uses the Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400 Single – Use Camera with flash. The Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash is a compact design disposable camera that features preloaded Fujicolor 400-speed film. Of course, it’s a one-time-use camera, but it features a 10-foot built-in flash. 

The camera is relatively affordable, it costs $49, and it comes with a camera wrist strap and microfiber cloth. 

If you take the camera to an event, it will always produce sharp pictures. The disposable camera is effective, affordable, and easy to use. Guess what? You can use the Fujifilm Quicksnap to take both indoors and outdoors pictures. 

How Much Does David’s Disposable Cost? 

Surprisingly, David Dobrik dispo app is free to download on App Store. But it’s ad-supported. However, if you want to enjoy the app’s full functionality, you can pay $1 to get premium access. 

How Does David Dobrik Dispo App Work? 

Since we already provided the answer to the question -” what disposable camera does David Dobrik use,” let’s quickly look at how David’s disposable app works. 

Operating David’s disposable isn’t rocket science. It’s easy to use. Just open the app on your iPhone, take pictures with it, and wait till 9 am the next day for the photos to develop. 

And once they are ready for you to view, the app will notify you. So, you don’t have to waste money on buying disposable cameras anymore. David’s disposable app brings high-quality film to your phone.

Here are 3 things you will love about David’s disposable app; 

  • The app will help you create retro-looking pictures of yourself. And these pictures are great for Instagram. 
  • Once you open the app, it will turn your phone’s screen into disposable cameras’ back. 
  • Lastly, when the app notifies you that you can now view the pictures you took with it, you can order a print directly from your home. Depending on your location, you will get it within 3 weeks. 

Are There Alternative to David’s Disposable App?

Sure, several other apps will give you the same nostalgic feelings about disposable cameras. 

By the way, you already know the answer to the question – “what disposable camera does David Dobrik use.” But here are the alternative to David’s Disposable app; 

#1. GUDAK Cam

Gudak Cam is an excellent alternative to David’s disposable app. It gives you the nostalgic feelings of using a disposable analog camera. When you download this app on your iPhone, the camera will be working like a 24-film roll camera. It also gives you the thrill of waiting up to three days to print pictures. 

#2. HypeBeast 

The Hypebeast is another excellent app you can use instead of David’s disposable. If you download this app on your smartphone, it will give a nostalgic feeling whenever you take pictures with your phone. 

A Korean based start-up created hypebeast. The app is set up with a viewfinder and a film roll of 24 shots. 

#3. UltraLinx

UltraLinx is another good alternative for David’s disposable. The app also brings out the nostalgic experience of using disposable cameras. 

Is David Disposable App Available on Android?

Yes, David’s disposable app is available on both Androids and IOS. Whichever phone you are using, you can always download these apps. 

The app is ad-supported. But you can pay $1 to get unhindered access to the functionality and features of the app. 

What Disposable Camera is the Best?

One thing is sure – disposable cameras are still much available. They never really went obsolete. And they are still affordable, fun, and easy to use.

 If you feel like getting a disposable camera for yourself, here are some of the best disposable cameras you can get; 

  • Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash: The Fujifilm quicksnap flash is a top-notch disposable camera with 27 exposures. It’s inexpensive, offers better value, and comes with a built-in flash. 
  •  Kodak Funsaver Single Use Camera: Kodak Funsaver is another great disposable camera with 39 exposures. It’s easy to process the pictures in this camera, and you need to charge the flash regularly.
  • AgfaPhoto LeBox 400: AgfaPhoto Lebox 400 is a breathtaking disposable camera that gives you value for your money. It has 27 exposures and an integral flash. It’s easy to use and perfect for outdoor events. 
  • Kodak Flash Disposable Camera: Like most disposable cameras on this list, the Kodak flash is effective and has 27 exposures. It’s easy to use and gets processed faster. 
  • Fujifilm Quicksnap Marine: The Fujifilm Quicksnap Marine is a waterproof disposable camera that you can use to take beautiful pictures underwater. However, it doesn’t have in-built flash, and it’s a bit more expensive than others. 


Disposable cameras are still very much in vogue. And if you can’t afford the camera itself, you can use David’s disposable app. It will give you the same experience of using a disposable camera, including the time it takes to develop and view the pictures. 

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