Is Disposable Camera Waterproof?

Did you think that disposable camera was a 90’s thing and has vanished from the face of the earth? Let me break it to you, and it hasn’t. Not only is it back in trend these days and is used by many of the well-known celebrities, but it also solves the most significant query you may have regarding it, i.e., “is disposable camera waterproof?”

Is Disposable Camera Waterproof?

We’re living in a world that has quickly made transitions from being utterly dependent on films to digital results. This makes you wonder if the disposable cameras are still in use or have become extinct. The truth is, disposable cameras are definitely in use, and the answer to your question “is disposable camera waterproof” is affirmative.

While you may think of a disposable camera as a cheap option available when you need a quick grab, that’s not the entire case. If you know how to keep proper settings and use them adequately, you will have the best results possible. Even when you and your friends decide to have some fun underwater, this camera can help you capture all your memorable moments quite perfectly.

These waterproof disposable cameras are definitely a blast and not a thing of the past anymore. With the trending enhancing the use of disposable cameras, the waterproof ones are again getting quite much of the attention all over again.

Best Waterproof Disposable Camera:

Now that your query of “is disposable camera waterproof” has been answered in an affirmative response, the next thing you might have a question about, i.e., the best waterproof disposable camera you can get your hands on, is also covered for you. . I have two best companies that can provide you with the best one-time-use camera mentioned for you to make your choices precise.

Kodak Waterproof Disposable Camera:

If you have had an interest in disposable cameras for quite much time, you must have heard about Kodak Disposable cameras. “Are Kodak disposable cameras waterproof?” you may wonder. The answer is a Yes!

The Kodak Company has been best known for producing quality film products, and the disposable camera is definitely one of the best products they have come up with. Not only this, there are various Kodak Waterproof disposable cameras available by the company, which is given below:

Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera:

Great for water parks, hot tubs, poolsides, etc., this one-time use Kodak waterproof disposable camera can easily cater to your needs of capturing the best underwater moments. It can efficiently work up to 12 feet underwater and comes with a convenient wrist strap that leaves your hands absolutely free to grab it. Additionally, this model is relatively cheap and very much easy to operate, even for beginners.

Kodak Weekend Disposable Camera

Kodak Sport Camera – Waterproof:

This Kodak waterproof disposable camera can capture your pictures around 500 feet deep in the water. If you are a diver, a snorkeler, or even an adventurer who wants to capture underwater life 50 feet deep in the water on films, this camera will easily do the job for you. It is incredibly durable and no chance of capturing blurry pictures. Yes, this is how good this product is.

Kodak Sport Camera

Looking at this portion of the article, I’m sure that your query of “are Kodak disposable cameras waterproof” has been clearly answered. Yes, they are waterproof and definitely one of the best options you can get your hands on. 

Fujifilm Waterproof Disposable Camera:

An all-weather camera that is going to be your right hand in any weather and extreme condition. In short, the Fujifilm waterproof disposable camera is ready for everything! Fujifilm is also one of the most well-known companies that have introduced disposable cameras and have made their name quite famous. Here is the model this company has to offer.

Fujifilm Quicksnap Underwater Camera:

 Not only this, there is an oversized shutter button which makes this disposable camera super easy to carry. This Fujifilm waterproof disposable camera is ideal for shooting outdoors even when the outer atmospheric conditions are snowy or wet. Bonus, it can get very much clear pictures for around 35 feet underwater, so now you can enjoy your adventure and capture the memories altogether.

Fujifilm Waterproof camera

What is the best underwater disposable camera?

Since much about the one time use cameras from “is disposable camera waterproof” to two of the best waterproof cameras has been discussed, if you want to know about more options to select and answer your query of “what is the best underwater disposable camera,” I have it covered for you here.

 Here are the other options than Kodak waterproof disposable camera and Fujifilm waterproof disposable camera that you can have a look on:

Snapshotz Waterproof Camera:

The waterproof disposable cameras introduced by Snapshotz can also be one of the best options for pool parties. The camera has to offer almost 27 exposures, and not only this; it is equipped with a 400-speed film. Despite having such positive features, this waterproof disposable camera is relatively inexpensive as compared to its competitors.

Snapshotz disposable Camera

1Shot Waterproof Camera:

As the packaging it comes with says, fun and waterproof, it precisely depicts that. It is not much different than the Snapshotz one as it also comes with almost 27 exposures and is already equipped with a 400-speed film. However, it can only be used in the daylight since there is no flash. You can take clear pictures for around 32 feet deep underwater with this 1shot camera so that’s definitely a win-win situation.

1shot camera


This one is different amongst all since it also allows you to capture a video underwater for around 10 mm. Not only this, but it also allows you to take pictures underwater for almost 30 feet of depth. Bonus, you can use it an unlimited number of times. So if you are looking for a disposable camera model that has to offer all these features, the AKASO EK7000 is definitely your best option.

AKASO EK7000 camera

While all these disposable cameras and many more are available in the market, you can quickly get your hands on to answer your query of “what is the best disposable underwater camera” I have come to one solution, i.e., it entirely depends on you alone.

While buying a disposable camera, you will have all your requirements and budget under your have-to lists. This is how you can make your choice of the best camera you can have, looking at the features and the price it comes with. Additionally, by getting reviews from such people who have used such cameras or additional research, you can clearly understand what you need and what disposable waterproof camera you should go for.

Kodak or Fujifilm Waterproof Disposable Camera – the better one:

Since I have already mentioned how the Kodak and Fujifilm cameras top the list because of the features, they have to offer at least possible prices. If you are wondering which one is better amongst the two, here is the answer.

Kodak waterproof disposable camera is known for producing more sharp images as compared to the Fujifilm disposable waterproof camera. Not only this, the one-time-use camera by the Kodak Company is more versatile since it can produce better results in lower light areas like deep underwater. This makes it definitely the better option if you are looking to capture sharper images while you are enjoying your time many feet down the pool.

Is Disposable Camera Waterproof- Conclusion:

While disposable cameras seem much more old-fashioned when discussed, they are not a 90s thing anymore as they’ve recently come back in the trend. Its popularity is increasing day by day as many celebrities have started carrying this little camera, such as Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomes. If you want to have some memories captured on films while you are underwater and want to know if disposable cameras waterproof, then this article was definitely for you.

The disposable cameras are now also used for underwater photography, and two of the most famous ones are the Kodak waterproof disposable camera and the Fujifilm waterproof disposable camera. Both these disposable cameras provide the best results for underwater photography.

The features they have to offer to make them two of the best waterproof disposable cameras you can get your hands on. This article also covered a few of the more options you can look for if you want to explore the market. However, what is the best disposable camera can’t be specified in particular as it totally depends on your requirements and budget. To get your hands on the best one-time-used camera, you may have to research a bit about the features they have to offer or at least ask someone who has had experience regarding using waterproof disposable cameras.

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